Finding Customers


Wherever your audience is we will help them find you.

Dominion PRM employs a team of business, media, and creative professionals that has helped build and implement successful strategies and campaigns for a wide variety of clients. Our experience spans all industries but we have found a niche in the following sectors.

  • Political Campaigns & Causes 

    Crafting a message that energizes the faithful, while appealing to the new without compromising can be hard. Our strategies and research have worked for Grassroots organizations, local candidates, statewide candidates and even those seeking congressional seats. Measuring and adjusting media strategies, such as social media and public appearances are needed and perfected by our team.  We utilize full use of SEO strategies to insure your take on hot topics is easy to find, we develop compelling content on all information channels and we are experts at image and crisis management. So if you desire to get elected, wish to keep a positive image after being elected or want to support a cause or candidate our strategy and execution in this arena is a key to your success.

  • Non-Profits & Government

    Limited funds, public financial accountability, leaders and teams that may not “gel”, and a slew of other characteristics separate your organization form other entities, but you still must present stellar results.We understand and we will help. Members of our team have spent a multitude of years in government commissions, boards and departments. Additionally we have been on the boards, and staffs of numerous non-profits. We have an intimate understanding of non-profits and know that you are competing for donors and volunteers. DominionPRM will show you how to compete effectively and win. We understand limits but more than that we see the opportunities. We have used Marketing and PR to increase employee morale , retention and level of service. We enhance your relationship, with the public, the employees and those whom you serve. Graphic Design, Web Development and Video creations aid in the process but only after the best strategy and plan has been formulated. Our talents and team are a great fit for your unique circumstances.

  • Motivational Speakers 

    You have your website, you have social media accounts, and more than that you have a targeted, powerful message. We know from experience how to get you and your message in front of the right organizations. We can craft your public image and persona, we even implement research on what areas of the country, what new groups or audiences might be your perfect fit and we get you to them. Professional artwork, video, web and social media campaigns all working in concert for your benefit. Do you know how much you should pay for Pay per click advertising , on Facebook or Google adwords? We do. Dominion also has not forgot one of the most important tools in you arsenal…products. Concept to completion, we can produce, edit & duplicate video and audio messages to sell online and at live events . It’s time your voice was heard and we will make sure its clear and professional.

  • Chinese & Hispanic 

    Two extremely important groups that you need to understand to effectively compete in today’s business environment. One group has more disposable income than any other and the second group is the fastest growing population in the US. You can try to market to them by simply translating your current efforts. However, different points of reference, different habits and motivations that would take years to understand, can leave your organization at a disadvantage in an effort to win their loyalty. Never fear, DominionPRM has advisors native to both groups who will aid you in the most effective way to tailor your campaign so that it is accepted and trusted by these communities. There are taboos and cultural inclinations that you need to know which can open a door for you that is shut to your competitors.

  • Ministries  

    Simply put for a long time this was our bread and butter. Over 25 years of marketing conferences, CD series and visions, but to be honest anyone can do that. We know the ins and of ministry, why people leave ,why they stay, why your conference is not generating positive cash flow, and if the “culture” of your ministry is helping or hurting. We can take care of your graphic and commercial needs, but we can also effectively grow your attendance and revenue, with proven strategies and poignant recommendations. You are not looking for one time visitors, you are looking to permanently acquire new people, we have and can produce a plan that does that and it would be an honor to do so.

We will level with you, we did not  start out intending that these areas would be the basis of our notoriety. We through our personnel and contacts over the last twenty years, have accumulated an abundance of contacts, experience and knowledge in these arenas and WE LOVE IT. If your organization is identified in these areas or desires to market to these areas we need to talk. Additionally, Dominion is more than happy to work with business and various business models to achieve and set marketing and public relations goals.

No more waiting. Contact us now.Change your organization.

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