Email Marketing

Connect with Your Audience where they are.

Everyone has email and 98.4% of consumers check their email daily. One of the best ways to reach and interact with them is email marketing.

According to Constant Contact (Our Email Management Partner) Email marketing is the most effective tool for awareness, acquisition, conversion, and retention2—and delivers a $38-for-$1 return on investment.

Connect with your audience where they are.  They are on their email and with one touch, one click they can be on your landing pages. We love Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels, but we also know that unless you pay for an ad or boost a post on average only 6-10% of your Fans will see your post. Email Marketing done right (which is how we do it) boasts open rates of over 20%. That is more than triple the views on your content.

Dominion PR & Marketing Email services:

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We understand email scores, suppression lists, ISP and DMarc domain fraud protection and all of these things affect your email campaigns. So we want to help you set-up and get rolling the right way. Contact us and let’s get started right away or visit our recommended email platform Constant Contact and get your own account.

Dominion is a Certified Constant Contact Email Solutions Provider: