Dominion Group, founded in 1998 as a full-service audiovisual company is now Dominion Marketing & PR, an innovative and diligent digital marketing and media agency. We expanded our personnel, vision and services and now yield industry leading results in all aspects of marketing, media (especially video & audio post-production and videography) and public relations. Specializing in PPC advertising, SEO, eCommerce, web development, Social Media Management, Product launches, and Lead Generation. Our interests, experience and passion have granted us success as specialists for businesses, political candidates &  causes, Non Profits and multinational organizations. Additionally, Dominion is adept at serving corporate citizens with excellence in all realms of media and growth strategies.

Offices are located in Greensboro, NC. & Denver, CO. We function in 3 distinct areas Marketing, Media Creation, and Public Relations Consulting. Our goal is to enhance our client’s relationships with the public, employees and customers. Directing every effort at enhancing those relationships, making them deeper, more fulfilling for our clients and their customers. This philosophy builds loyalty to your brand and services with customers. We then launch creative “perception campaigns” and CRM strategies, changing the mood of employees as they represent your brand. This strategy generates a positive perception and relationship with the public for your organization. We wholeheartedly believe “it’s all about relationships”. Improve your relationships & you improve the bottom line, guaranteed.

Dominion Marketing & PR handles SEO, web, social media, graphic design, marketing strategies, political campaign management, image repair, brand development and well just about any tool used to create and grow relationships with customers. Brilliant planning & energetic execution are the keys to successfully shaping opinion and directing results, we believe in research, measurable goals, understanding a target audience, and using these strategies along with others to achieve your desired end. We exuberantly work to cement Dominion’s relationship with your organization, and from there the sky is the limit.