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We would like you to consider DPRM as your new partner in digital publishing and distribution of your book. If your work is in print (hardback or paperback) we can convert it to a format that conducive for Ebook distribution and give you access to a huge new audience. Our service is simple. We convert, redesign and distribute your works for Ibooks, Kindle (Amazon) and BN Nookpress (Barnes and Nobles).We as a marketing company will then pay for an appropriate marketing campaign via Google Ads, Social media channels, search engines and methods we deem effective to produce sales for your work at no out of pocket cost to you.

We will then pay you a monthly royalty normally about 40% of sales for your work. We would like you to be aware that these online Distribution channels take approximately 30% of the sales price of your work, however more than 85% of all ebooks sold are through these 3 platforms, so they are the best location for your work. We will meet with you via video conference and have an initial consultation, we will make recommendations and hear recommendations from you. We then send you contracts and drafts to fill out and review upon their completion we are ready to go.  You then have our resources backing your entry into the E-book Marketplace.

Our Resources

Our team knows that your manuscript (especially if in printed form) is not compatible with E-book distribution platforms. They know how to take your manuscript, customize it for the best appearance and functionality with current distribution channels and e-reader software (how about active links your book).  We add our graphic design team, who can design or enhance your cover and insure artwork is of the correct quality and loads fast via web. We then finish off with SEO and marketing specialists who creatively put your work in front of more and more users. We then communicate with you to lay out our plan, and hopefully enjoy the fruits of a mutually beneficial relationship.

The Process

We do not accept or promote every product that is submitted to us. Often we find works in the marketplace that we believe are underperforming and we seek to improve that performance. The margins in publishing are tight, many publishers pay 25-30% royalties.We pay more, therefore we must represent product that we have strong positive inclinations toward. Product we believe is beneficial to a large audience and we must present it in such a fashion that effort we have spent in promotion and marketing will be worthwhile. If you are considering us for this important task, we would like you to fill out the form below. We will reach out to you for a copy of your work to evaluate for consideration.

E-Publishing Request