Lead Generation

Don’t Get Leads. Get qualified, ready to make a purchase leads.

What is a lead worth to you? Dominion PRM knows you have products or services that generate varying amounts of profit. We develop customized lead generation and reduce the cost per lead so that lead conversion is always a bargain for each of those products or services. The best leads are qualified leads. These are the people most likely to buy something. With this objective, our goal is to target people who are in the consideration stage of the customer journey. This ensures that leads we bring you are the people most likely to buy. Our customized lead generation is tailored to attract more leads who are curious about your solution for their specific pain point. By the time you reach out to them, they’ve already started researching available solutions. Our standard platform brings you 100 qualified leads per month, think how much profit you would make if you converted only 5%of that monthly. Now multiply it by your multiple services or products. We ask again What is a lead worth to you?

Reviews & Reputation: Simply put consumers check your reviews and reputation online before they decide to enter a relationship. If you have no reviews or bad reviews you will lose over 80% of traffic that has been driven to your site or social landing pages.

Do you know if this is happening to your organization…

Step 1. Prospect sees ad.

Step 2. Oh yeah! I need that.  Let me google that real quick.

Step 3. Uh Oh.  These guys have a bad reputation.  Let’s check out this other guy.

Do you see what happened? The competitor got the lead.  FROM SOMEONE ELSE’S ADVERTISING! If your reviews are not being monitored and corrected then you are losing potential customers. If you have no reviews or old reviews of your services then huge amounts of leads are going to your competitors. We can fix this. A major part of our customized lead generation includes Review and Reputation management and repair. You know online reviews are critical to your business acquiring new customers.  While many are saying they will bring you leads very few offer a service that permanently improves your rating and credibility to customers. Let us do this for you, this service is invaluable.

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