Marketing Services

Dominion Public Relations & Marketing provides measurable, bottom line-oriented public relations and marketing communications services. We create and enhance your relationships with your employees, the public and your customers,

which increases morale, performance and revenue. We work in concert with our clients giving you access to work and data as it transpires, so your input doesn’t have to wait on a scheduled meeting. We know marketing and public relation strategies must be agile to be effective, and we will combine our expertise with your goals to achieve optimum results.

Our methodology for marketing is effective because we endeavor to know your business and how it works. Who you market to and why, are as important as how you market. Here is an example of what we mean with that statement;

We have a client we consult. They handle all their own social media, graphics and produce video that is shared via the web to grow and increase business. A concern we discovered is that the company sells only to resellers (B2B), not directly to the public. Their approach was to use daily calls, and email to entice the resellers to purchase product more frequently and in greater volume. Business remained steady,  but unfortunately never grew. We were able to determine that this client needed to implement demand generation ads and target the geographic areas of the resellers. We were able to convince them resellers would only buy what they could sell, so if demand from their buyers increased they would increase orders to our client. It took a little time to switch gears, then a little more time to get the traction needed in the targeted markets, but the idea worked well, and we are now expanding effort., After viewing the data Dominion and the client know we can increase revenue even more.

Retargeting, keywords, social media strategies, leveraging other outlets, and even more techniques are expertly wielded here.
Talk to us and we can ask and answer the questions that will improve your business relationships.