Why Dominion

The number of Marketing & PR firms trying to convince you that they are your perfect fit has skyrocketed, so the question is why choose Dominion PR/Marketing & Media.

  1. The truth is we are an ethical business, we do not like cutting corners and you may have surmised we like to cultivate relationships. We desire to really know your leadership team, how they function, leanings, interests and how we can use your natural culture to expand your organization. We are certain the best way to grow our company is by continually growing yours. We study strategies, new software, new & old techniques, successful & failed campaigns, history & projections to arrive at a plan that we can energetically execute to succeed as your PR/Marketing & Media company. Simply put we are not easily satisfied. We are always looking for an edge, we will bring new ideas to the table, and keep you informed as we move forward with those ideas. Whether it is aiding a gubernatorial candidate in increasing minority voting, or changing a non-profits public perception to increase revenue (all of which we have done) your task is performed as if it will be the only one viewable in our portfolio.
  2. We enhance your relationships, with The Public, Your Employees & Your Customers. Our philosophy supersedes business practices & benefits your entire organization.  We believe that no matter how you market or manage if any of the 3 aforementioned groups have issues with your organization they will undermine your ability to expand and sustain growth. Our experience has proven that employees who don’t believe in your company, will give diminished support to customers. The public will believe negative word of mouth and will be more likely to distance themselves from your projects & persona. Needless to say your relationship with customers is paramount to success, however, this cannot be the only relationship actively managed. Our philosophy will improve these 3 relationships and add turbo to all your Marketing & PR endeavors. You are only as successful as your relationships allow and we are relationship experts.
  3. UNDERSTANDING: Knowing why & how. Most treat PR and Marketing as if they are interchangeable. Many do not know how to get the maximum results out of each genre. Let’s go over it briefly. Advertising is a large shout to anyone who will listen, an increase in awareness of the event, product or service. Marketing is targeted, crafted communication that is more specific to those who are more likely to desire the product, event or service. Public Relations is influencing the influencers. It is using a TV station, popular person, knowledge of public behavior, event etc. that has influence over your target audience to influence them to your advantage. We know what, to do How to do it and why. We operate from this thought process so you always know why we take the actions we do on your behalf. The big question is if our competition cannot tell the difference in the different strategies how can they use them properly?
  4. STAFF & OPERATIONS: We have been in media production & post production for over 25 years, PR/Marketing for over 15 and we have a specialized staff that exceeds expectations. We prefer a Digital Workflow and virtual communication. We do have staff positioned in various regions, with valuable insight to aid you from around the nation. We offer marketing & business coaching on MBA level with staff MBA on board for your benefit. We also boast detailed involvement in the political landscape, insight into political campaigns from experience and can use this to make sure political causes and campaigns end only in victory. Accessibility is easy for clients due to our workflow being mainly web-based, the graphic designers, editors, marketing team and others have various ways of being contacted so our clients can be much more involved in projects than simply waiting for return phone calls. We operate based on relationships and you and your company will appreciate one with us.

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