There are few groups that need the benefits of professional digital marketing as much as churches or houses of worship. The sad truth is that so few churches understand this fact and even less have the knowledge of how to effectively execute marketing. As a church you are competing for members and donors, without them or a miracle you cannot execute your mission. Do You Want to Stand Out? We make that happen. See most Houses of Worship may have a website and social media, maybe even a YouTube Channel but that is it. Here is the problem:

They do not know how to drive consistent traffic to their platforms.

They do not understand keywords, and what to say in their posts.

They don’t use or understand FREE analytics provided, so they guess at their next step.

Not consistent so their momentum and followers never grow.

No urgent call to action, so no conversion of fans to members.

When it comes to marketing non-profits, especially churches we are simply the best. Connect with us so we can optimize your social media, web and marketing initiatives. We will increase your membership and your revenue and teach you how to do that for yourself.

DominionPRM understands many churches wish to keep their content fresh and website up to date but lack the personnel to do so. We offer a website maintenance plan for Houses of Worship. We will edit, update and monitor your site professionally so you can concentrate on what you do best. Contact us for details.