This one is huge.  Why are we building websites, apps, increasing functionality, integrating with social media and adding CRM solutions if no one can be led to us on the web? Dominion PR & Marketing believes we can guarantee positive ROI with our SEO and SEM techniques. We encourage you to try our Performance Based SEO Rank-Delivery service. We will get you ranked for the Keywords you desire on Google in 30-60 Days or You Don’t Pay. Contact us for details.

Search Engine Optimization:

It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.

Search Engine Marketing:

The strategy and process of getting more visibility & conversions in search engines by using paid traffic through ads, pay per click and social media ads.


Perhaps you want new customers, or want people who need your services or who will buy your product to find you when they search the web. Maybe you wish to see the demographics of those who come to your site or your social media channels. Maybe you wish to see how many customers come from online ads, how long they stay on your site, what pages they like, and loads of other data. You need SEO and SEM (search engine marketing). We provide it.

  • Certified in Adwords from Google
  • Masters at Keyword choices and uses/Competitive Analysis
  • Synergy with Social media channels and your web presence
  • Proper effective use of Facebook, Twitter, Linked IN, Google and Bing ads
  • Measurable and trackable goals for increasing engagement
  • Content that should be on your pages to help with SEO
  • Awareness of Software & Policy changes that alter how SEO works.
  • Extensive use of Alexa & Quantcast for site ranking data
  • Do you need ads (SEM) to jumpstart effective SEO or is all in place now?

SEM traffic is possibly the most desired source of Internet traffic because it is targeted. We know people use search engines to find an answer to a question or to learn how to do something. The question may be who has the best price on bicycles and they expect the search engine to provide viable choices to answer that question. When searchers click on a site from the search results or click on an ad, they are much more likely to convert or purchase.The fact that Google and Bing put tremendous effort in making the search results relevant means SEM traffic is the most valuable form of internet traffic. SEM (Paid search advertising) is the most sure and measurable form of promotion on the web.

SEO combines the technical and creative assets needed to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines. SEO includes quite a number of aspects ranging from page content to links from other websites to paid ads and social media content. You cannot simply build a site that responds well to “the googlebots” it must also be user friendly. Contact us so we can evaluate your SEO/SEM needs and potential benefits of proper SEO Consulting.