Dominion PRM has over 20 years of active experience in management, development , expansion and compliance with non-profits, foundations and even charitable trusts. We energetically support Dubois’ talented tenth mantra. We believe that all should help and aid others in some way but that those who are talented and possess extra resources have an obligation to help others.  Therefore when you as an athlete or public persona desire to do this we want to guide you through the unique marketing and PR challenges that entails.

PR will help accomplish  post-career goals:

  • Differentiate yourself from others
  • Maximize charitable giving
  • Promote social media activities
  • Be seen as someone who takes responsibility and cares about your community

Never doubt that you are in a competition. You are competing against other causes for Donors, Dollars and Volunteers. There will be a high level of scrutiny on how your money is spent, who its given to and why you are engaged in a foundation, non-profit or charity. We understand how to handle that pressure with the media. We know how to market and shape your organizations public perception. We know what to say and how to say it. Social Media, Messaging, PR, Google Adwords campaigns, Graphic Design, Professional Video and Commercials all will be used to Market your non-profit effectively.

There is no reason that your determination to do good should yield any negative results. Contact us.