SEO is KING-Here is why

Domains for only 9 dollars. Hosting, less than 10 dollars a month. Design, in cases such as WIX or Godaddy, are do it yourself. Responsive mobile websites are available with a free WordPress or Drupal template. So with prices like this everyone is making websites.  Yes, I am referencing the cheapest way to get online but it is the path that many (maybe you) have taken. Why is it that with this tiny investment many still cannot experience positive ROI? Why are these apparent professional sites not attracting visitors? The answer is SEO, search engine optimization and because so many sites are on the web it is the difference between success and failure, profit and loss.  Just to make it clear SEO is King.

Search engine optimization (SEO) done well is what brings people to your website. Let’s take it one more step, SEO done smart and right brings the right people to your site at the right time. There is a big difference between the two. If I sell cookies online and I write a blog on cookies, and share it on social media to my 1000 followers statistics tell me about 6-10% of that 1000 will see it. Less will read it and even less will click to buy my delicious cookies. However, by using proper SEO strategies, and coupling the effort with SEM (search engine marketing) I could use specific phrases, or pay for keywords that capitalize on buyers with intent. So words like “chocolate chip cookies for birthdays” or “special cookies for daycares” would target a specific type of customer that would only click if the phrasing spoke to their intent. So I may have fewer clicks on my blog or post but a higher percentage of clicks that I receive are looking to buy. That is a very simplified way of demonstrating SEO done smart.

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