Political Marketing

Our Passion

We have a long and passionate  history of working with conservative candidates and causes. We not only present technical expertise in PR, Marketing, Web (NationBuilder Certified web developers), Social Media, SEO and the long list of other categories, but we are adept in messaging and combining marketing efforts with what is happening at the grassroots level.

Many companies can take what you wish to communicate and advise you on where to place it so people see it. We do more. We tell you how to deliver your message to energize your base, to help create and increase funding, when you need it, at the beginning of your campaign. We craft and develop strategies that give you and your team measurable goals so you can see the plan is working. We understand the campaign trail because we have been on it.

We Do That. Does your staff need training on how to answer sensitive issues that may come up as they are working walking lists? What untapped local issues can you use to benefit your campaign? We research that info and use all current Marketing and PR techniques to utilize it for your Political Marketing endeavors.Political Marketing

Our unique political touch comes because our team has been engulfed in the political fray for years. We have experience on state and local commissions, leadership and participation in County GOP organizations. We have worked with volunteers and campaign managers. We have access to the GOP databases and are familiar with its functional shortcomings and strengths. We have readily available data from income to education and race for every area of the country and know how to get the response you need at the local level and the support from the national level. The truth is very few companies can connect what needs to happen in the field with what must happen technically. Less can take that connection and marry it to party dynamics of Establishment, The Patriots and RINO interactions. We know marketing and we know conservatives and independents. The combination of that knowledge places DominionPRM in the best position to help you win.

 Important Things you must do, with or without Dominion PR & Marketing

Developing a narrative

The most important aspect of any political campaign is the narrative. The narrative is the story behind a candidate – their history, their beliefs, their personality and all of the traits and characteristics that make them worth voting for. This is how you frame yourself and many times can present the motivation for your desire for office.

Social Media Channels

We can help decide which social media channels you should use and how to connect them, but even if we don’t you need social media. We are of the opinion that there is no more economical way to galvanize the troops, promote an event and acquire new supporters that social media. This conduit is immediately measurable, providing data on your posts and the responses. This quality makes it very easy to review and adjust your message to reach your target. New innovations like Facebook Live, Twitter Cards for Business and LinkedIN pulse when used correctly could be the extra boost you need to win.

Media & Public Relations

As soon as possible you need to make others aware that you are a candidate. This will allow people to commit to supporting you early and will possibly discourage some competition from entering the race. Most voters who give you a commitment of support will honor it. Some potential candidates, especially those who share your beliefs will be hesitant to spend the time and effort to enter a race, if they feel they are already behind to someone with similar views. The public exposure at local political events will also net you more volunteers and early funding.

This is a brief introduction to our political marketing services. 
Effective political marketing is a very customized endeavor please contact us we can discuss some ideas & determine how to best work together.